Langkawi Sport: Sepak Raga Tuju Competition (Langkawi Water Festival 2011)

Sepak Raga was once a game of village youths that uses rattan ball. It has been around 600 years ago in the age of Malacca Sultanate in the 15th century AD. Today, the game has evolved into a competitive sport called 'sepak raga tuju'.

It is a variation of this Malay traditional sport game. The rattan ball is no longer used but instead a new synthetic ball is introduced. A few rules are also applied.

In April 16 2011, this game was played in Langkawi Water Festival 2011. The two days event had 27 teams where 17 of them were from the mainland and the rest were from Langkawi. The competition was properly organized by Kelab Sepak Raga Mahsuri Langkawi.

The event was really successful. The team from the mainland, Perda A became the champion followed by Sanlang Planet B and Sanlang Planet C respectively.